Thanks for stopping by! Whatever Things Are True covers politics, policy, and parenting in international adoption. Too often, the way we talk about international adoption reminds me of that old fable about The Blind Men and the Elephant – we tend to confuse one small part of the animal for the whole beast. Although I’m the mother of three via international adoption, I try to take a child-centered approach to adoption issues. I hope you’ll stick around and share your thoughts, too.

For More About International Adoption

  • All the Social Orphans
    Suffolk University Law Professor Sara Dillon on International Children's Rights and Social Orphan Policy
  • Center for Adoption Policy
    Center for Adoption Policy provides research, analysis, advice and education to practitioners and the public about current legislation and practices governing ethical domestic and intercountry adoption in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
    Educates federal policy makers about the need for adoption reform, and coordinates efforts of policy makers and public groups to improve the lives of children.
  • Harvard Law School Child Advocacy Program
    The Child Advocacy Program (CAP) at Harvard Law School is committed to advancing children's interests through facilitating productive interaction between academia and the world of policy and practice, and through training generations of students to contribute in their future careers to law reform and social change.
  • Joint Council on International Children's Services
    Adoption advocacy organization comprised of adoption agencies.

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August 28, 2011


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super real

That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.


I like to offer guides people through the loved one's decision to look at, the intense search for their child, and the process of changing to life as a modern family.


Still playing the waiting game. My faith journey has helped me understand what makes the world go round.

Amber Baker

As a mother, I've experienced even more how love far surpasses any emotional experience. I've also been learning how love requires humility.

Dan Benson

"How has being a mom or dad taught you about love?"

Being a father probably taught me more about my heavenly Father than anything else ever could. I learned that my feelings for my children are imperfect mirrors of the pure love our heavenly Father has for us.

Kelly Pramberger

fb fan and tweeted as well! thanks!

Kelly Pramberger

Being a mom has taught me that I could love someone unconditionally. I love my son's good days and not so good days. I even love myself more for all that I'm learning!


In my 4 short months of being a parent, I'm just starting to learn about love with my son. His understanding of love, and his history of it, has been a painful journey. So his expression of it, (if he even loves us yet) is different than I had imagined/dreamed of while waiting for him. I'm learning to understand how he shows love--trying to learn his love language. It's such a complex array of emotions that I have yet to figure out how to convey it in words.

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